Welcome to PURE resort Warth


Located at the foot of the Arlberg and surrounded by majestic mountain peaks lies the truly splendid PURE Resort Warth. This hotel forms an ideal base for a range of activities, regardless of whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. It is a place where you’d love to stay the whole year. You’ll feel right at home among the Arlberg mountains. The ski slopes are right next to our hotel, with local skiing & snowboarding schools and equipment hire companies located 5 minutes away. Our resort is also the perfect starting point for cross-country skiing trips, snowshoe walks and hikes.


Flowering Alpine meadows…

When spring arrives in the Arlberg valley, it’s time to wander. The area’s many hiking routes transport nature lovers to flowering alpine meadows, fragrant forests, gurgling streams and crystal-clear mountain lakes. Warth is a small, friendly village located 1500 m above sea level.

It lies nestled between the “home mountains” of Biberkopf, Widderstein and Warther Horn and is an excellent starting point for high-energy or relaxed hikes and mountain tours. The area has imposing mountain peaks, many hiking routes with climbing options and trips all the way into the high mountains.

Lovely mountain lakes and unique alpine flora make it possible to escape the everyday pressures of life and enjoy the rugged natural beauty. Many mountain huts dot the area, creating ideal hiking destinations.

In Warth, a varying weekly programme of activities – presented by professionals – is offerered for young and old throughout the entire summer. Activities include guided hiking and mountaineering trips, canyoning, tunnel expeditions, mountain bike rides, rafting and climbing on the “Ostwand”.

Who we are?

Hospitality is second nature to us!

Hospitality, personal attention and passion are very important to us. We incorporate these into our everyday thoughts, actions and communications. Our greatest goal is the wellbeing of our guests.

The hotel is our hobby. Instead of having to work, we’re lucky to work!

We’re fortunate to have spent many years working in the hospitality industry, meaning that we bring a lot of experience to the table. However, we wouldn’t get anywhere without our group of colleagues. We’re supported by an entire team of enthusiastic people who put their best foot forward every day in the kitchen, front-office, housekeeping and everywhere else. All of us together are responsible for – and define – the success of PURE Resort Warth.

Our goal is to convey our valuable knowledge about hospitality, passion and trust to our team. Because we believe that you’ll feel the love and passion – exactly what we represent – when you enter our house. Experience has taught us that a smile or personal conversation is often enough to make someone feel welcome and comfortable.

We hope to welcome you soon to Warth!

Mirjam Westers & Paul van Essen